Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Carpe diem!

Life itself has series of course, it’s like a trail where you think you go well with, for some maybe a struggle and for some it’s a sweet experience. We live for our own revenues, we seize it leisurely and taking time to imagine which ever way we go off.  Many people have come to grasp their importance and we for some reason seek fulfillment in everything we do.

My daily routine at work won’t be this meaningful if not with you all. Many manic Mondays’ and freaking Fridays’ at work and we even came to a point that it’s too lethargic to execute our task maybe because we often cling too fairly on things that would emerge as purely ideal to us. For the past four years working in this company I have met a lot of beautiful people who I can share my bliss, people who I consider “camaraderie”. A day at work is not complete without our small talks and crazy discussions. Our many encounters at the lobby, comfort room, pantry and floor are somehow making me nostalgic because those areas will soon be bizarre to me. Please allow me to thank each and every one who I came across with for the wonderful time spent and for the laughter, it is my privilege to work with you all specially to our bosses, thank you for molding us for who we are now and for helping us grow and improve our work ethics as well.

This maybe our last encounter and I’m sure what’s left are memories we shared, may it be good or bad. All I can say is whatever path may lead you, do well with it, appreciate every moment and be thankful for the craft you have encompassed. Equipped yourself more for your upcoming journey and set forth your worth and believe that each and every one of us has exceptional flair.  Life is too short and to that note, let me leave you with this significant quote from Gail Devers “Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe”.

Keep chasing your dreams fellas’ and always remember that wishes do come true, I live to that phrase because mine just came!!! =)

This has been NUHXZ14, signing off..


I’m gonna miss you all.. =(

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Every girls dream - Shoes

A shoe for me is the hardest thing to choose at. Ohmy!! I admit, i had a terrible job in looking for the perfect shoes for the wedding, unlike the husband; he is good at looking into the details of the shoes he wore.

Rusty Lopez for the husband, he quoted it as "ice cream" for whatever reason, maybe it's yummy or sweet or tempting.. whatever, babe! these shoes looks good on him. his fetish when it comes to shoes na.

Since our motif is plum, of course i opt to wear something like this. This is Parisians' pair of shoes, I was giddy wearing it because it is so comfy and light. FYI: Rajo Laurel is one of Parisian's shoes designers. great isn't it?

Every girls dream – The Videographer

Good documentation should be considered in this kind of event and we are mighty proud of the work of this team. I didn't have any second thoughts as to who will cover the whole wedding ceremony from save the date video (thank you because he give this for free), wedding preparations, church and reception as well.

Ryan Ugalino and his team nailed it. It wasn't that pricey because I got a good deal, that’s how your connections kicked in, he is apparently the cousin of my close friend in high school plus Ryan and I go to the same school together. The videos are way too awesome, they took advantage of using the site to capture a beautiful representation, they never stress us- we stress them, lol! always on time and very professional in dealing with their clients, one of my friend told me he got goose bumps seeing the video clips. And me, jaw-drop and "awww.." ang dating. Hahahaha.. Thank you Ryan and crew (Hi, Panot! - he took the save the date video) hehehe..

The videos went very well and your team worked exemplary and I would highly recommend you guys. So, bravo for a very job well done. 

here are the links of our videos.. sorry i don't know how to upload here.. 



or you may contact him at 0999.991.4754 for queries.


Every girls dream – The Gown and Barong

We wanted to have the traditional way when it comes to our outfits, where in the groom will have to wear barong as well as his entourage. Where the bride’s gown is simple yet striking, I have been looking for a Maria Clara type of gown but no success. 

Mackie's barong is from KULTURA FILIPINO, oh well this brand has been mounted in every Filipino's since they made genuine piña barongs for a long long time now.

You may check their website:

My wedding gown on the the other hand was made by the husband's cousin who is well verse in making gowns of all kinds. Kuya Bobong did a great job on my wedding gown, i look a bit thin wearing the gown though. hahaha.. If you are in need of a gown in the future you may PM him here

Every girls dream – The ring

A ring is a halo on your finger. It is said to be one of the most significant entity on the wedding rite, because it is the time that the married couple will exchange their vows.

Rings have been exchanged as a symbol of the bond of marriage for so long, and in so many different cultures, that the origin of the practice is obscure. Certainly, the circle of a ring represents undying love and the continually renewed vows of the married couple. Circles have long been archetypes for not only timelessness, but also wholeness and homecoming. The circle also speaks to the constant round of the heavens, as well as the eternal return of the seasons, marked by cyclical ritual and celebration.

When we look for our wedding ring, Mackie wanted it simple and elegant, he was the one who choose these rings by the way.

Every girls dream - The invitations

October 20, 2012 when Mackie and I tied the knot, it was a day to remember and a day that we will forever cherish. The wedding rite was held at Sto. Niño Parish in Butuan City at 3:30 in the afternoon, a lot of people grace the event, our friends and families all over the archipelago.  Take note, archipelago.. hehehehe...

This time, I will give you some details of the wedding including our suppliers for without them, this event will not be possible. To start with:

THE INVITATIONS: Inkpressive Invitations and Crafts by Dra. Venus Fortuna

I was really having a hard time as to where to have our invites done, good thing this blog sphere exist, I find it amusing because the owner is Doctor by profession and because she loves arts and crafts she finds time to address some of her customers request and mind you pang export ang outcome ng invites, so since our theme is plum and gold and I wanted a 3-tiered invites, this is how it looks like. Mackie and I are so happy. 

Here is their website though you may also channel them on facebook

they make invites of all sort.

Here are some of the photo’s 

are they pretty? Not only that because Dra. Venus loves us, she also included some free cupcake toppers with our initials M & H. cute!!