Tuesday, 4 December 2012

There is always a light


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December last year typhoon “Sendong” hits the Philippines and has lost many lives and many of them are in Mindanao.

Today, another Typhoon strikes the country and the saddest part is it’s even more extreme than Sendong. When calamities like this happened I am always at my lowest point because I am away from my family. Living away from them is the most hurting stir because I want them safe, always.. Mama and Papa are the only ones left at home and they do not have anybody that will company them, worse thing is my Dad is paralyzed. I could not imagine how difficult the situation is when worse thing has to come (GOD FORBID!)
We can never really tell if this kind of mishap will smack us down, and the best thing we can do is to be alert and vigilant. Listen to news, packed some important stuff you might need in case there is a need to evacuate (water, food, clothes, flashlights and the like). And lastly, PRAY – that is the most effective weapon we have.

Good thing because my family in Butuan City are okay, they are safe and sound just what I wanted to know. Keep safe everyone! We will all go through this together.


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