Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Boiled

Last day of work for the month of January, tomorrow, I will be facing other challenges as I will be striding February. January is much of a hassle for me as after Christmas break work is piled up and need to accomplish it right away, multi-tasking is the precise word to describe it. I’m never a quitter so with pride and respect I was able to finish it. Being optimistic is a good moral fiber to achieve your goal and whatever circumstances may bring you stand firm and stiff. That’s a true champ!

We have a Visitor from UK who arrived on Monday, and it is enforced to everybody to be at our best behavior. She is the head of the offline team where I work at, BritishTelecom basically; she is the one responsible on how our line of business works. Thanks to her because she gave us new BT lanyards which I find it pretty and attractive. Thanks, Anne.. =)

Oh well, another month to look forward to, and its love month so I’m sure this is going to be one heck of a ride.

Cheers to freakin’ February! =))


Friday, 27 January 2012

Curl Toxicity

For some grounds, I miss my Curly hair! (sigh!) the days when I don’t have to worry fixing my hair especially if I’m in a hurry for an appointment. I can just pony tail it anytime I want to or just twist it. Easy and effortless!

Having curly hair for more than a year is not much of a hassle for a busy me because I know I don’t have to be anxious about it.

Definitely, I will get back to this hairdo, sooooon.. hehehehe! =)))


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dalai Lama

Jaded at work today! I browse through the internet and check out some quotes about Karma and I get the attention of Dalai Lama. So googled it and find a lot of interesting bits and pieces about this creed (Tibetan Buddhism).

The Dalai Lama is a high lama in the Gelug or "Yellow Hat" branch of Tibetan Buddhism. The name is a combination of the Mongolian word далай (dalai) meaning "Ocean" and the Tibetan word bla-ma (with a silent "b") meaning "teacher".[1] According to the current Dalai Lama, the Tibetan word "lama" corresponds precisely to the better known Sanskrit word "guru". Traditionally, the Dalai Lama is thought of as the latest reincarnation of a series of spiritual leaders who have chosen to be reborn in order to enlighten others. The Dalai Lama is often thought to be the leader of the Gelug School, but this position belongs officially to the Ganden Tripa, which is a temporary position appointed by the Dalai Lama who, in practice, exerts much influence. The line of Dalai Lamas began as a lineage of spiritual teachers; the 5th Dalai Lama assumed political authority over Tibet.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalai_Lama

14th Dalai Lama of Tibet
"If it was possible to become free of negative emotions by a riskless
implementation of an electrode - without impairing intelligence and
the critical mind - I would be the first patient."
Dalai Lama (Society for Neuroscience Congress, Nov. 2005)

Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, born Lhamo Dondrub,[2] 6 July 1935) is the 14th and current Dalai Lama. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989, and is also well known for his lifelong advocacy for Tibetans inside and outside Tibet. Tibetans traditionally believe him to be the reincarnation of his predecessors and a manifestation of the Bodhisattva of Compassion. He was only formally recognized as the 14th Dalai Lama on 17 November 1950, at the age of 15. He inherited control over a government controlling an area roughly corresponding to the Tibet Autonomous Region just as the nascent People's Republic of China wished to reassert central control over it.

Here is some of Dalai Lama’s passage that will surely give you a jolt.

1. Delusions are states of mind which, when they arise within our mental continuum, leave us disturbed, confused and unhappy. Therefore, those states of mind which delude or afflict us are called 'delusions.'
2. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
3. When you lose, do not lose the lesson.
4. Happiness is not something ready made. It is comes from your own actions.
5. Follow the 3 RES. RESpect for others. RESpect for yourself. RESponsibility for all your actions.
6. If you have a particular faith or religion, that is good. But you can survive without it.
7. Sometimes not getting what you want is an amazing stroke of luck.
8. Always learn the rules so you can break them properly.
9. If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
10. Do not let a small dispute injure a great relationship.
11. Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.
12. When you realize you have made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
13. Spend some amount of time alone everyday.
14. Open yourself to change, but do not let go of your values.
15. With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world.
16. Remember that silence can sometimes be the best answer.
17. Live a good and honorable life. Then, when you are older you can look back and enjoy it a second time.
18. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for a great life.
19. In disagreements with loved ones, only deal with the present. Do not bring up the past.
20. Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.
21. The best relationship is one which your love for each other exceeds your need for one another.
23. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to achieve it.
24. Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.
25. All major religious traditions carry basically the same message; that is love, compassion, and forgiveness are the important things that should be part of our daily lives.

I’m born Catholic and I am so please reading some brief facts of this religious crowd. We may have a lot of imperfections and flaws and naively we sometimes impair others lives. We are aware that the world will come to an end, we hope and pray that we will go to a place where we do not feel miserable, we don’t acquire sadness, obtain distress or even feel hurt. Surely, it is our faith that will take us there.


Friday, 20 January 2012

Tax Rebate

A tax refund or tax rebate is a refund on taxes when the tax liability is less than the taxes paid. Taxpayers can often get a tax refund on their income tax if the tax they owe is less than the sum of the total amount of the withholding taxes and estimated taxes that they paid, plus the refundable tax credits that they claim. (Tax refunds are money given back at the end of the financial year.)

Everybody at work today is super energized as we are all getting our tax refund. It’s one of the superfluous pay that we are looking forward aside from our 13th month disburse and cash conversion of sick leaves (I have 5!) which will be given this March.. yayyy!
Before, whenever I get extra extra money, I usually spent it with gadget and clothes and stuff, but nowadays it’s more different. I have been thinking on what to buy for the improvement of our house, or something for the up-coming wedding. Am I a full-grown now? Geeeeezz!

Anyhow, I feel that I am now a change person, basically when it comes to spending habit. Now, I’m more of a shrewd consumer and makes sure to purchase things that are more essential to my source of revenue. In one point or another it makes me feel mature now as I have altered my perception in life.

GTG, Got a lot of work to do.. enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Last Friday, I glued myself to Killer Bee’s Friday madness; my Friday would not be complete if I don't listen to them, they make me sick. Especially every Friday they play nothing but the best songs back from the 90’s and since a part of me is from that generation, believe me, you just want to stick your ears to the amp listening to them.

I was stuck with this track Ugly Girl, the song may seem inedible but for me its one of the greatest aside from the fact that I’m a fan of this talented singer-songwriter and pianist, FIONA APPLE.

Here goes the lyrics..

When I saw you at the grocery store
You were sharin a shopping cart with her
And I couldn’t turn and run away
I didn’t know what to say

You introduced us for the first time
And I had to look her in the eye
But you could not have imagined my surprise
Can’t you see?
You’re leaving me...
For an ugly girl

Does she talk about politics?
And all that stuff that used to makes me sick
Does she smoke cigars and stay up late
Oh she’s so great

Does she tell you what you want to hear?
And I bet she could grow a beard
I feel better thinking you were queer
It’s not fair
I can’t compare...

To an ugly girl
To an ugly girl
Lalalalalala lalalalalalala lalalalalalalala

Hahaha, haha the joke's on me
I feel jealous and I feel mean
She’s so nice,That it makes up for her face
There’s no way,
do you have to keep your eyes closed
Do you have to keep the lights down low?
Oh I bet you wish you had a blind fold
can't you see,
you’re leaving me...

For an ugly girl
For an ugly girl
She’s an ugly girl
A real ugly girl
Lalalalalalala lalalalalala lalalalalala lalalalalalala
She’s an ugly girl
An ugly girl ahh huhhh

This song I would say is way too harsh but nonetheless it is on my playlist. Hope you will listen to it too..

Visit Fiona Apple’s official website, http://www.fiona-apple.com/ 


Monday, 16 January 2012

all time crush

filmaker Diego Bunuel, grandson of the film director Luis Bunuel

Imagine yourself being with this guy on a magnificent island, you go swim together, star gazing and dine together on a cold evening… aaaahhh!! Just mind's eyeing. Meet my all-time-crush, Diego Buñuel, National Geographic channels host, Don’t Tell my Mother. Diego is a French film-maker born in 1975.

Diego received his bachelor's degree from Northwestern University, majoring in journalism, minoring in politics, and then interned for various newspapers such as the Times Picayune in New Orleans, the San Francisco Examiner, the Saint Louis Post Dispatch, the Miami Herald and the Chicago Tribune before going to work for the Sun Sentinel as lead crime reporter.

For the past ten years Diego Buñuel has been a foreign correspondent for French Television covering all kinds of countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, or the Congo. Every time he left for one of his stories, he would tell his production crew in the Paris office, "Don't tell my mother I am in Colombia, it makes her really nervous." After a few years of traveling repeatedly, Diego realized that the international news coverage, of which he was part of, only focused on the worst headlines possible. So Diego embarked on a rather unusual effort; to talk about countries that make headlines, but instead of focusing on the same three basic stories, he extended the reach of his eye to look at a more subtle vision of these countries, full of culture, people, interests that rise high above the daily news reports.

Diego Bunuel

Diego, on the show, comments: Travelling is my passion - I'm fascinated by the remarkable stories every country has to offer. It was this desire that led me to travel the world - to Pakistan, Venezuela, Iraq and more - looking for stories and meeting fascinating people along the way. It was a great trip, sometimes travelling to dangerous places, which is why I never told my mother where I was when travelling.

There you go, a sneak-peak of my all time crush. You can still catch him at national geographic channel. Now, share to me who your crushes are?
Happy Monday y’all!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

tattoo pics =)

As promised on my previews post, here are the pictures of my new tattoo.
photo credits (Ian Cabrido)

just sharing.. hope you like it!


Friday, 13 January 2012

One beat, One dance, One vision

After Christmas and New Year’s happening, another event is enormously celebrated by all CEBUANOS, yes.. I am talking about Sinulog. It is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January. The festival features a street parade with participants in bright colored costumes dancing to the rhythm of drums, trumpets and native gongs, smaller versions of the festival are held in various parts of the province, also to celebrate and honor the Santo Niño.

Here are some of the highlights of the said festivity.

Novena Mass - Cebuanos and devotees will be executing 9 successive days of prayers, also known as the Novena, in celebration and thanksgiving to Señor Santo Niño.

Solemn Processon - A lot of Cebuanos are devotees of Sr. Sto. Niño, the procession kicked in on the day before the feast at 1:00Pm, image of Sto. Niño will be shown-off to some of the streets in Cebu.
Christians flock to Cebu for annual Sinulog Festival by Catherine Pablico 

Fluvial Procession - The day before the parade, the Fluvial Procession is held at dawn with a statue of the Santo Niño carried on a pump boat from Mandaue City to Cebu City, decked with hundreds of flowers and candles. The procession ends at the Basilica where a re-enactment of the Christianizing (that is, the acceptance of Roman Catholicism) of Cebu is performed. In the afternoon, a more solemn procession takes place along the major streets of the city, which last for hours due to large crowd participating in the event.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinulog_festival

Sinulog Festival Queen - Each year, the female lead dancers of every contingent aspire to be recognized for their beauty and grace in Cebu's most majestic merriment.

Street Dancing - This gives everyone a chance to see every contingent as they will flaunt their best costumes and dances with their festival queen carrying the image of Sto. Niño. Along with them are floats from different bureaus, organizations and agencies.

Sinulog Dance Competition - The competition takes place on the feast day, this time they will show off their very best as they compete with other contestant.  It will be held at Abellana Sports Complex. 

Fireworks Display - Gives color in the vast sky, this is also the best time for the family to bond together and check out the colorful fireworks display. This is my favorite!


Sinulog guidelines and tips:

1. Check your Outfit
Never top yourself with long-sleeved polos or thick cotton shirts which for sure give you a hassle way of moving around. Wear thin shirts – white tee will do.Don’t wear jeans! Shorts but not too short shorts will give you ease in walking and for sure, your body can freely breathe out. No, no to heavy type shoes, espadrilles are good! If you like, wear flip-flops or any slippers that fit the festivity.Lastly, do not wear jeweleries. Leave all your shining borloloys at home. Be simple!

2. What to Bring?
A backpack which is not too big or small is cool. Just bring finger foods for snacks, enough water for oneself to be well hydrated and of course money put in a coin purse – not in a bulgy wallet! We are there to enjoy, not attracting pickpocketers and other evil forces around us. Note that foods, drinks and other stuff will get higher on that day, so better prepare and bring your own.Prepare extra t-shirt and a face towel. We never predict what could be the weather, so be prepared.

3. Where to go? Prepare your Sinulog Map!
Know your destination during the Sinulog festival! You cannot travel and visit all the beautiful places in town, just choose where to go and stick to it. In this way, you won’t be adding to the number of devotees who actually don’t have plans where exactly to go as a result, adding pressure to a heavier traffic not caused by transportations but of those people. Check the list of Sinulog Events and decide prior or before the day.

4. Be with a Company
Don’t go alone. Sinulog can be enjoyed with lots of company, as a commercial saying goes the Many-er, the merrier!

See you all in the street, VIVA PIT SENYOR!!!!


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

little piece of me


dandelion seeds being blown
10:30Am today I had my first tattoo session with one of the most astounding tattoo artist in Cebu, Mr. Ian Cabrido. I am having a hard time in choosing which design to pick until I have come up with a figure. I had dandelion inspired tattoo. Dandelions stand for wishes coming true. The flower symbolism associated with the dandelion is love me, affection returned, desire, sympathy, faithfulness, happiness and love's oracle. They are fascinating and interactive and just so perfectly fun. They are French for "Lion's Teeth" which is cool & empowering. The dozens of seeds released by each flower head represent fertility and abundance. The seeds' journey illustrates a time of clothing the past and a symbol of hope for starting something new. When we blow away the puffball with its seeds, we make a wish for something better.

For some, it symbolizes that these gorgeous moments are fleeting and you could have the whole thing you've ever wanted one minute then the next minute everything’s gone just like the dandelion seeds blow away so effortlessly. And something like this reminds us that there is joy in youth that ought to be cherished and not lost when we're older.

The entire session ended an hour, I was nervous all through out since the pain is getting into my nerves, my heart is pounding rapidly and I was sweating. The whole experience was superb as I was able to finish it all by myself without any chaperone since boyfriend is early for work and sister is still asleep. I am very happy with my new-little-piece-of-me, no doubt!

Will follow the pictures later, hope you will like my tattoo.


Saturday, 7 January 2012

3 years and we are taking it to the next level

Time flies so fast, I still can remember the days when we first had our smiles at each other, the times when we exchange sms, movies dates and he accompanying me buy groceries. The times when we were down because of past relationship that we wish we never had. 

Now, as we continue our journey together, we intend to seize it to the next level as I’m proud to say that we are formally ENGAGED. Yes, you heard that right. Mackie proposed when we went to a 3-day vacation at Bantayan Island  last December 3-5, 2011. It was my first time to get to the island and I was so smashed with the place, very romantic and perfect for a weekend get-away without worrying your pocket.

I feel like I am the luckiest woman on earth, which I don’t have to worry anything with regard to matters of the heart, to that I am very grateful I bumped into someone who is not just a partner but a best friend as well. We may have differences but it’s not an excuse to love each other less but instead, we care for each other more and love unconditionally. We may argue but the best part it we make sure that we are able to patch things up before the day ends.

Last year, we purchased a house and soon we will call it home and this would be the first time that I will reveal it to everybody; we are going to exchange “I DO’s!” ain’t that electrifying?  I know.. I know.. Cause it gives me butterflies in my stomach.
I finally found the perfect partner for me, someone you know and you are sure that he will bleed for you and treat you like a princess. Someone who will give everything to you and at the same time provides you with your wants and needs.

To Mackie, Cheers, babe!
Hope to share more wonderful adventures with you.


Friday, 6 January 2012

Tattoo Craze!

For months now, I have been pining to get a tattoo but for some reasons I have not decided on what to ink for myself. Where exactly to put it and when.

I have searched on the internet concerning some basic guidelines for getting a tattoo and safety advice.


Choose what you like! You have to live with your tattoo for the rest of your life. Discuss size & color with your artist to achieve the look you want. Sometimes it is better to leave artistic aspects of your tattoo up to the wisdom and experience of your chosen artist.

Give the location of your tattoo considerable thought. It is there forever. If your concerns are for the sensation and level of discomfort involved, your artist should be happy to discuss these aspects with you.

This subject is probably the most personal of all aspects of receiving a tattoo. If you're considering a tattoo, find the artist that fulfills your needs art-wise as well as in professionalism, price and last but not least, personality. All should make you feel comfortable.

Absolutely don't shop around for "the best price". This is a trade in which you should see examples of the artist's work and question their knowledge. This is not a trade to be bartered with, you pay an hourly rate for time & expertise!


With the advent of many communicable diseases, some fatal, it has become necessary to institute certain isolation and sterilization procedures in the tattoo process to assure the public of a safe, risk-free tattoo. The following advice has been prepared by professional tattooists working with local, state and national health authorities.

1. Always insist that you see your tattooist remove a new needle & tube set-up from a sealed envelope immediately prior to your tattoo.

2. Be certain you see your tattooist pour a new ink supply into a new disposable container.

3. Make sure your artist puts on a new pair of disposable gloves before setting up tubes, needles and ink supplies.

4. Satisfy yourself that the shop furnishings & tattooist are clean & orderly in appearance; much like a medical facility.

5. Feel free to question the tattooist as to any of his sterile procedures & isolation techniques. Take time to observe them at work & do not hesitate to inquire about their experience & qualifications in the tattoo field.

6. If the tattooist is qualified professional, they will have no problem complying with standards above & beyond these simple guidelines.

7. If the artist or studio does not appear up to these standards or if they become evasive when questioned, seek out a professional tattooist.

reference: http://www.safe-tattoos.com/pamphlets/basic.html 

Check out my Boyfs tattoo.. left pic, a portrait of his Dad on his younger years that says Respect and Discipline and on his left his Mom with Love and Perseverance.

There it goes... Got to fix my mind which design to pick and decide as to where to put it, when? Ones I have my artist modify my design and maybe discuss the matter carefully and take into consideration the cost of getting one.


let's rock 2012!!


1st Friday of 2012, so far so good and im keeping it that way.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A friend is what the heart needs all the time


There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand  high in the world. It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher.
There are two good rules which ought to be written on every heart - never to believe anything bad about anybody unless you positively know it to be true; never to tell even that unless you feel that it is absolutely necessary, and that God is listening.