Thursday, 31 March 2011

Blast From The Past

Just when we started the day at work, my colleagues are singing this song and I was kind of fascinated.
I would only hear this type songs on a Sundays where radio stations usually plays aged tracks.
I am a music lover, I listen to almost all genres.
And I just so love it because we are hallowed with creative artist who can come up with fantastic works.

Little did I know that songs from the past are superlative.
They are incomparable and they are songs that come from the heart.

Here it is…

Sad Movies

Boney M
Sad movies always make me cry
Sad movies always make me cry

He said he had to work, so I went to the show alone.
They turned down the lights and turned the projector on.
And just as the news of the world started to begin,
I saw my darling and my best friend walking in.

Although I was sitting right there they didn'n see me.
And so they both sat right down in the front of me.
And when he kissed her lips then I almost died.
And in the middle of the colour cartoon I started to cry.

Oh Sad movies always make me cry
Sad movies always make me cry
Sad movies always make me cry
Sad movies always make me cry

And so I got on up and slowly I walked on home,
And Mama saw the tears and said "Baby what is wrong".
And so just to keep from telling her a lie,
I just said "Sad movies makes me cry".

Oh Sad movies always make me cry
Sad movies always make me cry
Sad movies always make me cry
Sad movies always make me cry

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Raindrop Mystery

Once I was a kid,

I always thought that raindrops
came from a fairy place.
In trees, in planes and all the rays
dropping through the sky ways
to wash the good earth’s face.

 But as I grow,
 all I knew that rain is only river
 and frost and dew and snow
 will up and flow.
To make clouds more than two.

 And when the clouds will turn like hall,
they gather and fill every hole.
They call the troll.
But if there isn’t room for all,
and the raindrops will fall and fall.

Pursuing Dreams

An adviser, a leader, a mentor.
It’s our accounts managers' last day yesterday,
He has been an inspiration to the team.
His simple insights give us enthusiasm to work hard.
Whatever his comings and goings are, hope he can beat it.
Keep dreaming, keep believing, boss!

Here is something for you..

We’ve only just begun to work,
To party and to make fun.
Like Roses in a vase
Full of scent, filled with tint
Spreadth the room towards its endth

Changes at their best
From the east to the west
Neither one can erase
What they’ve traced to the finest

Some roses may have withered,
Some petals have been parted.
Let no one be agitated
For thy essence always be remembered
We've only just begun.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Let the Sunshine In!

Summer is up. However, it has been raining for days, it’s quite a hassle going to work since I commute everyday.
I have to go through intense traffic, and have to insert into a jam-packed jeepney ride.
Not only that, I have to bring parasol with me [which I hate doing] because of the changing weather conditions.
Well, that’s what we get of having a tropical climate.

Everybody is busy planning where to go away this summer, a few who can meet the expense of those luxurious hotels and resorts,
others go Island hopping  and some just nearby metropolis to cut their expenses.
Whichever means they opt to so long as they get to have pleasurable moment under the scorching heat of the sun.

Summer is the best time for everyone to unwind, to get away with our frantic schedule at work or a stiff thesis at school.
It’s time to see good old friends, visit a family member who’s in the province, and get to meet someone who is a stranger. [opppss.. for single only]

At the end of the day all you ever wanted is to be relaxed, sip your favorite smoothies,
get your feet on the alluring white sand, hear the waves as if they are chanting on you and smell the summer sea breeze.
What are you waiting for, get those fabulous bikinis and hop in to the beach and get those tan lines.

We still have ample time to prepare, Let the rain pour to its limit. Tomorrow, when we get up to bed the sun will greet us with its radiance.
Have a superb sizzling summer everyone!


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Give It A Try


I’m no good at writing; I don’t have pleasant ideas to inscribe.
I was thinking why not give it a try. Who knows, I have this unseen flair to share to everyone.

Let’s get it on!