Monday, 21 May 2012

When Faith Is Put To The Test

Growing up with my father is one of the very best things I will forever treasure.
His smile glows and makes our day extraordinary. His simple gesture gives us hope to overcome our day even if it went wrong. Energetic, Active and one of the most enthusiastic person I know, not only that he is God-fearing as well. A good provider to us 3 siblings and makes sure that he send us to a lofty school for quality education. My father in one way or another gives me the courage to go through life’s every tests and to never give-up by far.

I don’t want to be emotional but I can’t hide the pain I am feeling right now,
Because the person I look up to and the person who gives me inspiration suddenly has lost vigor, Saturday morning when Mum called and asked if how we are doing until she held that Papa is ill. Papa doesn’t want us to know about his present condition because He doesn’t want us to worry. My father recently is half paralyze, he is weak, vulnerable and is at risk. He can’t move his right arm and leg and he doesn’t utter a word or a thing. I can’t imagine the agony his bearing as of the moment.

I feel so helpless at this time, I feel like I am never a good daughter to him while he is to us. I love my father so much that if only I can wash away the excruciating pain he is feeling right now. If only I’ll carry the tormenting strain he is experiencing on his behalf I would gladly take it without any doubt. Sometime, I would ask God why this has to happen, why to my father.  

When faith is put to a test, we often cried for impartiality. We seek GOD’s providence and ask over for help. Friends, please include my father in you daily prayer, your plea will be of big help to me and to my family who is hurt with my Papa’s situation. I hope that God will give us enough courage to face the trial he has given to us. And the test he has set to us would apparently be an eye opener to each and everyone that we should never give our faith a halt.

Friday, 18 May 2012


Yesterday and today is training day for me and some of my colleague, we were actually trained to a much intricate line of business. I know it’s not good to complain but then when you feel that it’s too much I believe it’s an excuse. I know we were trained so that we will be more knowledgeable about the process and practically it is a business need.
I normally look at things on a positive way but I don’t know why this is diverse than the usual.

Working in a BPO company requires you to be hard working, flexible and patience, yes these three goes hand in hand in order for you to do well.
5 years working in this industry I must say is not that rewarding its fun but if you are a career oriented individual, I am not encouraging you to get into this kind of job.
My degree is way too far from the occupation I’m into now, but I am happy because I have a job and I tend to get things I want to buy and I can still accomplish things I love to do as well.

In this competitive world, you have to be dynamic I sometimes think of giving-up my job and do something unusual or maybe practice my degree as a Public Administration graduate. But sometimes it made me realize that not all the time you have the comfort to pertain whatever you want in life or in the future.  We can work so hard to manage a level of triumph while others will just soar past us out of pure luck. I consider that there are things far above our ability for reason. That just means I will brawl the urge of being a stinging loser. Win or lose, there is forever another day to look forward to.

You, what do you do in life?


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Weekend Shaft

It’s been a while since I last posted here, I have been piled up with work lately to the point that I even forgotten some noteworthy stuff to attend to. Oh well!!
My weekend was not the run of the mill, we headed to Camotes Island together with Mimoi's workmates. I seldom go to that kind of jaunt since I for once had gone to the said place and second, I am not familiar with his colleagues. So, since he has been beseeching me to go with him so I opt to and travel along.

Saturday came and the adventure begins. They were informed that the ship will leave at 8:30AM from Danao port and more or less we will disembark to the said Island in 2 hours, Mackie and I left the house at 6:00AM because we still have to travel from Lapu-Lapu City to Danao. At around 7:30AM we arrived to the said place where everyone convene, majority of them are already there so some just seated in the grass, taking pictures and others are chit-chatting.

Almost 8:00Am when they announced that we can’t take a trip for 8:30 because of ample amount of passengers and the shipping lines broadcasted that they are already fully-booked and just take the 10AM trip, Dang!!! As a result they have decided to just take a motorized banca, we took a tricycad ride from the port to some sort of seaport and unfortunately, it was not the banca that we expected, its the worse, no sheathe at least to cover us from the extreme heat, it’s really a small banca, I dunno if it can go beyond the waves going there good thing they have decided not to take it or else (never mind! Tee hee). So we got back near the port, we stayed at the park just beside the church until they say that we can’t make it for the 10:00Am trip since it’s again fully-booked, I was like WTF!!! This is not happening…. We left no choice so we just settled there and had our lunch under the trees and facing the sea. Until we ended the 12:00 noon trip and we were all saying, at last!

3:30Am when we arrived at the place where they rented (Masamayor’s Resort) we unpacked our things and had a little conversation with my room mates (Tatay Jonathan, Jhong, Aj, Mark, Alex, Mackie and Me— I’m one of the boys, you know! Hahahaha). Everyone unloaded their stuff and we are all ready for one-heck-of-a-summer-crack. We all gathered at the resort where Mackie’s bosses stayed, we do not care if the owner keeps on purring about the arrangement that was made by the owner of Masamayor’s Resort of us staying their and cooking our meal, all we know is we are going to have fun! Helluvaaaa fun!! Okay, so some hopped into the beach and enjoyed the blue-waters and white sands of the island. While I was just chilling around and had a little talk with Nina, I was so surprised that we both clicked and get along very well and I enjoyed her company too (Hi, Nin, I know you are reading this). When the night starts to evolve they are busy preparing for dinner and we had plenty of food to gobble (burp!!). Dinner ended and we stayed at the shore of the resort where we reside, unending talks, booze, unruffled music and laughs. Aaaaah.. This is life!! At around 1Am we decided to take a rest as another day awaits us in the morning.

On our 2nd day, beach time, yaaaay! It is where all of us went swimming, some did Frisbee, beach soccer, skim boarding and enjoying the vast shores of Camotes. It’s my second time to the said island but I was never so blissful and with high spirit I just had my moment enjoying the beach, detaching myself from the hassle-bustle life of the city, flaking my mind from stress and doing away with loads of work. This is the kind of break I have been longing and to that note, I would definitely go back.

I would really recommend Camotes Island, but just a hint, never go there when its summer, because you will get pissed with high volume of passengers at the port and you don’t want to misuse your time staying at the port area for 8hours right, it’s really a waste of time.

Photos will be uploaded soon.. =))

Much love,