Monday, 6 June 2011


Daylight has faded, darkness win through the night.
The whole thing is in complete silence.
You can only hear frog’s clattering, and firefly readily settled in.
Stars’ are starting to polish same goes with the moon.
They shine like diamonds in the sky glamorous and enthralling.

The night reminds me of the time when I feel so alone.
Horde with dilemma and plight, that even leads me to peril.
Insecurities crop up as a result of emptiness,
The night whispers how wicked life is.

May the comfort of the night give me enough valors to conquer my frustrations.
No matter how disappointing it may bring.
Let the night be my strength!!

As I bathe myself to sleep, I want to feel soothe in the night.
Tranquil, serene and calm are the exact utterance to illustrate.
Tomorrow when I wake up, a new day will welcome me,
A day filled with gladness and optimism.

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