Friday, 25 March 2011

Let the Sunshine In!

Summer is up. However, it has been raining for days, it’s quite a hassle going to work since I commute everyday.
I have to go through intense traffic, and have to insert into a jam-packed jeepney ride.
Not only that, I have to bring parasol with me [which I hate doing] because of the changing weather conditions.
Well, that’s what we get of having a tropical climate.

Everybody is busy planning where to go away this summer, a few who can meet the expense of those luxurious hotels and resorts,
others go Island hopping  and some just nearby metropolis to cut their expenses.
Whichever means they opt to so long as they get to have pleasurable moment under the scorching heat of the sun.

Summer is the best time for everyone to unwind, to get away with our frantic schedule at work or a stiff thesis at school.
It’s time to see good old friends, visit a family member who’s in the province, and get to meet someone who is a stranger. [opppss.. for single only]

At the end of the day all you ever wanted is to be relaxed, sip your favorite smoothies,
get your feet on the alluring white sand, hear the waves as if they are chanting on you and smell the summer sea breeze.
What are you waiting for, get those fabulous bikinis and hop in to the beach and get those tan lines.

We still have ample time to prepare, Let the rain pour to its limit. Tomorrow, when we get up to bed the sun will greet us with its radiance.
Have a superb sizzling summer everyone!


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