Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Carpe diem!

Life itself has series of course, it’s like a trail where you think you go well with, for some maybe a struggle and for some it’s a sweet experience. We live for our own revenues, we seize it leisurely and taking time to imagine which ever way we go off.  Many people have come to grasp their importance and we for some reason seek fulfillment in everything we do.

My daily routine at work won’t be this meaningful if not with you all. Many manic Mondays’ and freaking Fridays’ at work and we even came to a point that it’s too lethargic to execute our task maybe because we often cling too fairly on things that would emerge as purely ideal to us. For the past four years working in this company I have met a lot of beautiful people who I can share my bliss, people who I consider “camaraderie”. A day at work is not complete without our small talks and crazy discussions. Our many encounters at the lobby, comfort room, pantry and floor are somehow making me nostalgic because those areas will soon be bizarre to me. Please allow me to thank each and every one who I came across with for the wonderful time spent and for the laughter, it is my privilege to work with you all specially to our bosses, thank you for molding us for who we are now and for helping us grow and improve our work ethics as well.

This maybe our last encounter and I’m sure what’s left are memories we shared, may it be good or bad. All I can say is whatever path may lead you, do well with it, appreciate every moment and be thankful for the craft you have encompassed. Equipped yourself more for your upcoming journey and set forth your worth and believe that each and every one of us has exceptional flair.  Life is too short and to that note, let me leave you with this significant quote from Gail Devers “Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe”.

Keep chasing your dreams fellas’ and always remember that wishes do come true, I live to that phrase because mine just came!!! =)

This has been NUHXZ14, signing off..


I’m gonna miss you all.. =(

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