Saturday, 9 February 2013

Every girls dream – The Gown and Barong

We wanted to have the traditional way when it comes to our outfits, where in the groom will have to wear barong as well as his entourage. Where the bride’s gown is simple yet striking, I have been looking for a Maria Clara type of gown but no success. 

Mackie's barong is from KULTURA FILIPINO, oh well this brand has been mounted in every Filipino's since they made genuine piña barongs for a long long time now.

You may check their website:

My wedding gown on the the other hand was made by the husband's cousin who is well verse in making gowns of all kinds. Kuya Bobong did a great job on my wedding gown, i look a bit thin wearing the gown though. hahaha.. If you are in need of a gown in the future you may PM him here

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