Monday, 6 February 2012

Earthquake Menace

Cebu City, Philippines experienced a nerve-wracking earthquake. 11:52 Am, my location was at the old Mactan Bridge heading to the bank to make a deposit, when a wobbly upshot took place. The Cab driver thought that his car wheel was not in good shape not until boyfriend saw an SUV truck after us was shaking. Whew! We were at the top most of the bridge when it all happened; I was scared to death when it occurred, good thing boyf was there to calm me down. It was about 20 sec. of treacherous quake and I thought the world would come to an end.

When I reached Ayala to pay my Globe bill, I was frightened by the neighboring building because all of the employees are outside the building. And I got a text message from my cousin (Winchie) who worked at IT Park and they were informed to vacate the premise. There are a lot of speculations going on that there will be a tsunami that would hit Cebu and some areas in Visayas and that people in Colon area are frightened of the said hearsay, they as well evacuated and went to some high place to keep secure. I hurriedly texted my Mom who is in Butuan City, and good they are okey, I was so damn worried!

I’ am now at work when I made this, still nervous and panicky and we are still waiting for some actions from the higher management to let us go home or what.

Please pray for our safety, and wherever you are in the world, please keep safe!!




  1. good grief! 20 seconds of earthquake and being at the bridge on top of it all is just too scary! glad you came out of it in one piece.. sana wala na lang tsunami.. cross fingers.

    be safe hanna!

    xoxo, zahara tales

  2. @ Zahara: I know.. I was unable to take pictures of people running on the streets as I was dreaded with the happening. I feel so sad with what's going on, specially to those whos lives are gone astray. =(

  3. that was definitely a day to remember for us Cebuanos. unfortunately i was right smack downtown when the tsunami panic happened. inside partially closed emall were people stampeded towards my general direction. had no choice but to run or be trampled. glad you're safe, as am i.


  4. @Eden: It’s really a day to remember. I can imagine how everyone crying for mercy. Glad to know you are safe.

    By the way, I watched one if your play at CAP, I was invited by my boss (Jules Inoc). You portray a role of a Lawyer, who helped a nun who got pregnant. Hehehe! You did a great Job!! =))

    Thank you for sparing your time to come across my blog. Tc, Eden!Ü

  5. That earthquake scared the bejeezuz out of me.. People went crazy downtown and ran for their lives!! It was not cool :( Thank God we're safe and alright.. I hope the victims in Negros are starting to rebuild the damages that..

  6. @Mara: It was too scary.. =( We pray to the people were greatly affected with the quake.

  7. Luckily, we were not hit here in Davao... I'll continue praying for you and everybody else's safety...