Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Boiled

Last day of work for the month of January, tomorrow, I will be facing other challenges as I will be striding February. January is much of a hassle for me as after Christmas break work is piled up and need to accomplish it right away, multi-tasking is the precise word to describe it. I’m never a quitter so with pride and respect I was able to finish it. Being optimistic is a good moral fiber to achieve your goal and whatever circumstances may bring you stand firm and stiff. That’s a true champ!

We have a Visitor from UK who arrived on Monday, and it is enforced to everybody to be at our best behavior. She is the head of the offline team where I work at, BritishTelecom basically; she is the one responsible on how our line of business works. Thanks to her because she gave us new BT lanyards which I find it pretty and attractive. Thanks, Anne.. =)

Oh well, another month to look forward to, and its love month so I’m sure this is going to be one heck of a ride.

Cheers to freakin’ February! =))



  1. i didn't know pessimism is a good trait. :)

    let's have a rockin' february!

  2. @Scarlet: Hahahahaha.. Bai, thank you for the correction.
    that is supposed to be optimistic.

    Happy Love month, Bai..

    1. hahah! oi di ah.. i was just glad (and hopeful) nga na it is a good quality. pessimism is my strongest suit kasi. haha!

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  4. @Piush: thanks for the compliment.. please follow me as well.