Friday, 27 January 2012

Curl Toxicity

For some grounds, I miss my Curly hair! (sigh!) the days when I don’t have to worry fixing my hair especially if I’m in a hurry for an appointment. I can just pony tail it anytime I want to or just twist it. Easy and effortless!

Having curly hair for more than a year is not much of a hassle for a busy me because I know I don’t have to be anxious about it.

Definitely, I will get back to this hairdo, sooooon.. hehehehe! =)))



  1. curly hair is in! but i'm too duwag to even try it myself.

  2. I have straight hair, but I'm always curling it whenever I have time because I think it just looks better.
    Sometimes I feel like having straight hair is so boring :p lol


  3. @Scarlet: because im big.. i look bigger when i have it.

    @Dana: thanks for stopping by my humble blog. having curly hair gives you that extra-hot-look! =))

  4. I also love curly hair because mine is straight! ;) You look wonderful on these photos, best wishes from Germany

  5. @Romina: thank you for the compliment and for droppin' by my blog. =)) tc..