Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bushed For A Day!

I’m dead tired. Yes! Tired. I feel weak, exhausted, and sluggish at present.
My day starts as early as 5Am, I normally woke up around 1Pm due to NOC shift that ends at 1Am.
Early today we had football practice from 6Am-10Am.
We had some drills and rigid training to keep fit for the competition this coming May.
The heat of the sun destabilized my system, I’m not as sturdy as I used to before and
I easily get sapped (whew!). After practice we went to the tailoring shop to have our uniforms done had our brunch then head home.
When I got home I had a quick bath then sleep at 11:30Am. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snooze well.

After 3 hours, my phone alarmed to remind myself to get ready for work.
My eyes are still itching to sleep and my body doesn’t want to get up to bed just yet.
I even hauled myself to go to work, such a lazy day.
When on my way to work I can imagine how dragging the situation would look like and
I wasn’t wrong, just the way I imagined it.  
I’m totally knocked down, brewed coffee doesn’t help at all, and even my colleagues’ craziest antics didn’t work either.
I was like wanting to squeal aloud to keep up and sob as hard as I could to get through it.

I just can’t wait to go home. I’m totally dead tired now. I don’t have the strength to get through the day.
I’m crying out for help, help to keep going for another hour.
Clock is ticking rapidly and my brain is not functioning any longer.
I was once told by my guy that each time I encounter terrible situations to always think of happy thoughts, he was right actually.
Like him, I was build to last.
Well, this could be an awful day for me but at least I never quit.
time has to hurry through every circumstances though.
And I say, let’s call it a day! **Wink.

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